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WCBA Annual Dues Schedule:
First year of admission to Ohio Bar.............................................. No Charge

Second through fifth year of admission to Ohio Bar...................... $29.00
Includes: $23.00 Wood County Bar Association
$ 1.00 Northwest Ohio Bar Association
$ 5.00 Law Library Association

Sixth year of admission to Ohio Bar and thereafter........................ $50.00
Includes: $38.00 Wood County Bar Association
$ 1.00 Northwest Ohio Bar Association
$ 5.00 Law Library Association

Bar dues must be submitted no later than December 31 for the member to be included in the "hard copy" of the directory printed at the beginning of each year. If you join throughout the year, you will be added or updated to the online directory upon receipt of your check if a fee is due. Send a copy of this form with your check if there is a fee for your membership.

Please fill out the following form and click submit.  Make checks payable to Wood County Bar Association and send to: WCBA Secretary/Treasurer, PO Box 754, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402.

Name:      Bar Dues:  $ 

Office Address:    

Phone:  Office:    Home:     Fax: 

Home Address:

Spouse's Name:   Year Adm. to Bar:

Email Address: 

Website: http://

Practice Areas ( use codes found in the table below, separated by commas);

(Most correspondence will be by email unless requested differently, Please double check email address. Minutes will be posted on the web page approximately 10-14 days after each meeting.)


Practice Area Keys

APP - Appellate EST - Estate Planning PAT - Patent Law
BANK - Bankruptcy FAM - Family Law, Divorce PI - Personal Injury
BUS - Business Law FED - Federal Court Litigation PROB - Probate
CRIM - Criminal Defense INNET - Internet Law RE - Real Estate
CIV - Civil Law INT - International Law SS - Social Security
COLL - Collections JUV - Juvenile Law TAX - Tax Law
COMM - Commercial Law LAB - Labor Law TRD - Trademark
COPY - Copyright Law LAND - LAND USE TRAF - Traffic Law
DUI - Driving Under the Influence L/T - Landlord Tenant UNF - Unfair Competition
EMP - Employment Law MED - Mediator WC - Workers' Compensation
ENV - Environmental Law MUN - Municipal Court WD - Wrongful Death